Our Services

The quality of our flat punch dies manufacturing
process in the Stantform workshop is provided by 
the quality of the materials we use, the wood board 
is of a superior quality so that it does not get curved 
in time, incrised knife hardness ensures long lasting

A notable caracteristic of our company is the importance we give each project. From designing to production, everything is done whit the latest equipment, wich allows us to transform the raw materials into a finished product with a high level of quality. The usage of high level equipment and personelized software leads to a improved and shortened manufacturing processes, rezulting in the asemblance of various die models.
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Services Provided

Our company produces flat dies for:

  • Folders, Envelopes, Broshures, Flyers,
  • Boxes (for medical use, Perfumes, Shoes etc.),
  • Labels, Wobblers, Stickers, Price labels,
  • Display, Hanger, Shelf talkers,
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes at any dimensions,
  • Flat die modifications,
  • Spring punch mounting,
  • Stamps, Stamps Packaging, Printing Stamps,
  • Plane Stamps, Stamps Laser, Laser Cutting Dies

We offer Design, Consultancy and Service.

DTP department check drawings received from customers and prepare to launch into production.

On request we can design various patterns boxes (FEFCO codes, ECMA and many other models) providing professional design software and needing only the internal dimensions and type of cardboard used to generate the type of box you want.

We sell contrabiguri
for all types of Duplex and corrugated cardboard.